Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2014 State of the Union speech

[VIDEO] Last night my mother sort of wonder how I don't know the many protocols of the State of the Union speech although I'm supposed to have a degree in political science. Some of that they don't teach in class however still politics is my thing anyway she claimed.

Many people who watch aren't concerned about the many protocols that I would imagine only the insiders would know. They're there to watch the President of the United State deliver his annual message to a joint session of Congress.

So then I got to thinking, why are these many protocols a mystery to me. My answer is that the SOTU isn't required watching for me! I don't remember the last time I've watched the speech.

Last night and this morning I've read many reacts and last night one person was "drunkblogging" the speech. Of course many on social networking sites were reacting to his speech, many of them likely support President Obama and anything he does or says.

While it was difficult to remain focused on his speech last night primarily because it wasn't of great interest to me anyway he did try to highlight one major point about "Obamacare". He illustration how signing up for coverage helped a young lady get some life saving surgery that would've bankrupted her. Then further urged Americans to sign up for coverage by March 31st.

BTW, in spite of my lack of interest it's usually a bit of a tradition to post this speech here since it's available on YouTube. It will be done here today, in case any of you missed it and/or you just want to watch it again. Perhaps some of you have your own thoughts on the speech as well.

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