Saturday, January 25, 2014

VIDEO: The Libertarian Era

[VIDEO] Two editors from Reason magazine talk with FOX Business' John Stossel about whether or not we're entering the libertarian era. Well now is the time for there to be new ideas in the public discourse. As Nick Gillespie in this video opined "We've seen how the conservative Republicans under George W. Bush have screwed things up and how the liberal Democrats under Barack Obama have screwed things up".

What I'd be curious about is how it works out where there are libertarians in the Democratic Party. How does that fit? Although also discussed here is how libertarians have often been shunned by both sides. Still it seems libertarianism is growing in American discourse.

Still later in this video Stossel talks with Ron Paul. Over at Instapundit there was an article he shared where they discussed Republican efforts to soothe relations with so called Liberty or Libertarian Republicans. Then opined that Paul's son Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is "a lot better candidate than Ron".

Ron Paul - a former Texas Congressman - ran for President twice in 2008 and 2012. They showed a clip where he was "vilified" by former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani for his comments with regards to inviting a terrorist attack. That was at a debate in 2007, but in 2012 Giuliani wasn't running for President but people did want to see Ron Paul.

Let's hope Sen. Rand Paul can in someways duplicate that success.'

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