Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's that time of year again!

I can't believe it's that time of year again. Even after Sunday's mild temperature and severe storms that blasted through it's still that time of year.

As much as I miss summer, there's always a good feeling when Christmas comes along. If only there was Christmas anytime of year and you could always have the tree up and Santa could always vacation from the north pole. Too bad that's not the tradition.

It's always festive and you hear the carols and songs and then the house is full of green, red, and white. It almost always seems like a happy time of year. Although I recognize all aren't happy this time of year because they're always in need.

While everyone eagerly anticipates Christmas the partying isn't over as there's always New Year's Day. That is my favorite holiday and it's always my intent to be home when the count down commences. We can always eagerly anticipate a new year. Although it's always been my tradition to stay home to ring in the new years it's always a good thing to go out and party.

Then after all that celebration back to reality. The holidays are over back to work or back to school and then the next set of holidays won't come so close together until the next holiday season. Perhaps we all have to find something to make us happy.

Well we're more than a month away from Christmas/New Years. First we have to start with Thanksgiving and that's a day where normally we all have a big feast. We eat and give thanks and of course spend time with family and friends or watch some football.

I'm ready for the holiday season already so bring it on!

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