Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Capitol Fax: A totally messed up system

The Capitol Fax shares with us an example of how the criminal justice system works in Cook County. Last week a group of gang members decided to shoot up a park after one of them had recently been wounded in a shooting. It's noted that he was not only on probation in another but he had merely been sent to a boot camp for gun posession. It was noted that another man had been charged with gun possession, but was forced to sit in Cook County jail for 14 months after being charged.

Also noted another man had been acquitted of burglary but still had to sit in jail for processing. He had been at Cook County Jail for two years waiting for his trial to commence. So apparently processing releases is very slow at Cook County. Something needs to change there.

BTW, here's another example that I showed on this blog a while back! Although granted showing that is a bit of an extreme.

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