Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reason: #Anarchy in Detroit, Part I

Via Instatpundit I got wind of another documentary series by Reason magazine talking about Detroit. The point of that series is to show how residents of Detroit are seeking to take matters in their own hands as city government isn't able to deliver necessary services there. Sometimes I suppose we all do what we have to do!

Detroit is a struggling city and this is no surprise to anyone. The question is, can this often beleaguered city be revived either by the actions of very passionate and concerned citizens or by government. I can only bet Detroit's people can solve most of the city's issues.

The video shown over at Instapundit is of a private security firm taking over some of the Detroit Police's responsiblity. Well they probably can't deliver tickets and all that, but that firm recognizes some areas where police can't really engage in. For example this security firm seeks to prevent and for the most part the police can only respond to something that already happened.

Perhaps the people in many of our nation's other struggling cities can take some notes to solve some of their urban problems. Even the magnificient metropolis known as Chicago could take some notes!

I would like to share some of the videos soon but feel free to click over to Reason to watch them for yourself.

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