Saturday, August 31, 2013

I haven't done much posting this summer...

Yeah sometimes I have to get motivated to post as much as a brief post about any item of interest. There certainly was a lot to write about but it's just a matter of either time or interest into putting it out.

I could talk about what's going on in Illinois as far as the Governor's race. Pat Quinn is running for re-election and while many are writing his political obituary they did that in 2010 and he still won narrowly. I just saw the electoral map again of this state in his narrow victory Quinn only won 4 of 102 counties while his GOP opponent Bill Brady won the remainder. WOW!

Let me remind you it was a narrow victory and Quinn had to have outworked Brady in those 4 counties Quinn won. Would Illinois have benefitted from Georgia's ancient county unit system?

Anyway Brady is running again with three other challengers in the GOP primary. He's running against another former challenger from 2010 Kirk Dillard. Then there are two others who are in Bruce Rauner a venture capitalist who has ties to Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago and state treasurer Dan Rutherford.

Quinn on the other had faces former Commerce Secretary & White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley. In fact Daley shares a lineage as his brother & father had both been Mayor of Chicago. This likely won't help Daley however bear in mind that the incumbent's approval ratings are very low at the current moment. Can't really count anyone out.

Also we have reached the 50th anniversary on the March on Washington. I saw some TV coverage of that this morning on C-Span. It was definitely a landmark moment and while many will not find much agreement with the current Civil Rights establishment today it changed America for the better. Although I will accept that this nation still has a long way to go as far as race relations.

The issues of today as far as race is much different than it was 50 years ago. The nature of segregation and discrimation may be different from what it was then. Also the issues facing Blacks is as much internal as external and we've yet to really hash those out. I'm sure in the various analysis of this recent anniversary and depending on who's talking they might talk about the decline of the Black family in recent years.

There have been some good movies I've seen lately including Jobs, Elysium, and Paranoia. Everyone of them could be picked a part in different ways. One is about a man who people look as an icon, the other is an allegory to our current condition, and the last brings to light corrupt business practices. I could take more real world lessons from Jobs than I could from the other movies but certainly on a philosophical level Elysium could bring some ideas home as well!

Anyone September needs to be a big month as far as blogging. Don't think I'm neglecting this place I have it on my mind even if I don't post. When you think about it, not a big thing to be able to post as a leisurely pace. Perhaps it's best to post only when there something worth saying!

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