Tuesday, August 27, 2013

50 year since the "I have a dream" speech

SO it's about to be 50 years since the March on Washington. Although I paid very little attention to them, there were observances of this epic event on TV and some here in Chicago. My mother was watching one such observance on C-Span.

Today I saw that NBC News has pulled out of the vault a rare interview with Dr. King recorded in 1967. He stated that his dream has turned into a nightmare.

His vision of civil rights for all Americans was probably still strong but he found other issues of great concern. poverty and Vietnam War were those issues. Just before his assassination he was definitely setting his sights on poverty or otherwise issues of economic justice.

Also noted his position as a Civil Rights leader was no longer unchallenged. Non-violence was not the preferred method of many young Civil Rights leaders who were emerging. Increasingly "Black Power" became the slogan of choice.

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