Saturday, August 24, 2013

AP: 2014 candidates for gov. to choose running mates

Not long after the 2010 elections the rules were changed with regards to the top gubernatorial ticket in Illinois. It helped that back then, an unknown man was the Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor and then it came out that he had beat his girlfriend up years before that election. He later resigned however he decided to mount an unsuccessful independent campaign for Governor.

Anyway what about next year:
For the first time, candidates for governor - who until now have run separately from candidates for lieutenant governor - must select running mates and be on a ticket with them. Several campaigns say they'll announce their 2014 picks on or around Sept. 3, the date when candidates may begin circulating petitions to get on the March primary ballot. Others plan to wait until later in the fall.

Just as in a presidential election, the choice will have the potential to help or hurt a campaign, so candidates say they're considering their options carefully. They also say running as a ticket will help them better define their priorities for voters and cover more ground as election season gets underway.

"Two voices are stronger than one," said state Sen. Bill Brady of Bloomington, one of four Republicans seeking the GOP nomination.
The new way of doing things gives candidates a chance to round out their ticket by choosing someone who could appeal to a certain demographic or who brings a particular expertise they may be lacking. That could mean several of the all-male field of candidates will choose women as running mates, or that downstate candidates could look for someone from Chicago's suburbs, and vice versa.

But the candidates or their spokespeople all insisted that those kinds of political calculations weren't driving their decision-making. They said they're looking for balance and someone who can help run the state and step in and replace him if needed.
Well back in 2010 Gubernatorial and Lt. Gov. candidates ran separately in the primary and then run as a ticket in the general. When the Lt. Gov Dem nominee removed himself from the ballot Gov. Quinn had to choose a new nominee however she's elected not to run again with the Governor and is running for another office. I'd be very curious to find out who the Democrats and Republicans in the Governor's race would choose as their running mates for next year.

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Tio Hardiman, Ex-CeaseFire Director, Announces He'll Seek Democratic Nomination For Illinois Governor

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