Sunday, March 24, 2013

VIDEO: The Dickson Experimental Sound Film

[VIDEO] It was very interesting to find this old film made near the end of the 19th century. Thomas Edison experiemented with sound film and it was an innovation that didn't take hold until at least the 1920s. It's almost like gradually introducing 3D to the movie going audience.

All the same that horn you see was the microphone and the sound was recorded on a wax cylinder. The recording was thought lost but it was found in 1964 and in 1998 and resynchronized with the film you see above. Let's remember that this was an experiment and therefore don't be surprised if the picture and sound aren't perfectly synchronized.

Anyway, something to entertain you during the course of the day.

ALSO, I linked to the wiki article above and because people have a tendency to analyze everything pay little attention to the two men dancing in this clip. Things were different at the end of the 19th century than they are at the start of the 21st!

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