Friday, March 22, 2013

10 years ago: Protesting the protestors at an anti-war rally

[VIDEO] The video you see above was produced by Evan Coyne Maloney and published February 18, 2003 on his website It caused quite a stir at least amongst right-wing circles as this video put an eye on the anti-war protestors.

Maloney's purpose was to go beyond the hype seen in the mainstream media. They weren't going out of their way to speak to the protestors perhaps they were more interested in showing who were opposed to the war in Iraq. Showing their numbers as opposed to showing what these dissidents were really about.

This is in connection with the commencement of the controversial war in Iraq 10 years ago that I had chronicled earlier this week. In fact Chicago's public radio affiliate remembered the anti-war protest that shut down Lake Shore Drive during the same time period. What Maloney ran into in NYC a decade ago, I'm sure could've been seen in that crowd as well.

There's another milestone in this worth talking about and soon there will be another posting on this in the future.

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