Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So we have another trial involving a corrupt former Alderman coming up

The Capitol Fax has a round-up of stories about the trial of former 7th Ward Alderman Bill Beavers. He's being tried for tax evasion in federal court. This report was about a gag and the usage of the "race card" by Bill Beaver's defense team. They're upset that while some Black women were appointed to this jury there are no Black men.

Beavers has established himself as a colorful character. He's old school having been in politics for better than 40 years. He's opening his big mouth in ways the colorful politicians of years ago are doing it.

Well in any case, in addition to being a former Alderman he also is currently a Cook County Commissioner. That's when I really got to know him as he got himself involved after the incapacity of the late Cook County Board President John Stroger. Beavers took his seat on the county board and Stroger's son Todd was installed as County Board President himself for one-term!

I usually don't follow these trials but it shall prove to be interesting.

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