Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Onion: Frustrated Inner-City Students Running Out Of Ideas To Motivate Teachers

[VIDEO] WOW! This is quite hilarious and it would be something there was a reverse story about not how teachers aren't able to reach their students, but how the students aren't able to reach the teachers. Although I'm sure the outlet wasn't The Onion there would certainly be a much different angle to it. In this case hilarity ensues!

Then again perhaps this satire makes a good point, are teachers really interested in educating? I apologize to those of you who are in the profession, but this may be a question that is asked by many parents around the nation! Also does the system expect their own teachers to fail?

BTW, this is comedy and Dunne High School doesn't actually exist in the Chicago Public School. Then again who's to say this isn't a suburban school? :P

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