Wednesday, December 12, 2012

VIDEO: Union assault on camera

[VIDEO] This video was aired on Hannity last night, Steven Crowder was in Lansing, Michigan and he was assaulted and the tent he was in torn to the ground by union thugs. This is unbelievable footage.

This is in relation to Michigan passing and ultimately enacting into law "right-to-work" legislation which simply means that no one is forced to join a union when they take a job. Michigan is said to be struggling as a state perhaps even before the economic downturn that started in the last decade.

Perhaps right-to-work will enable companies to reinvest in Michigan and hire more personnel, time will tell. We do see an example of who doesn't support this policy in the people who attacked Crowder. This is how passionate a lot of people take this issue.

Another battle to fight in Michigan is revitalizing Detroit. The city is teetering towards bankruptcy and I recently showed the video of a city councilwoman wanting more money for the city from President Obama. Although perhaps right-to-work may not be what puts that beleaguered city back on the map.

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