Thursday, December 13, 2012

Conceal carry ban overturned...

I was slow on this story in fact had no idea this was even pending in federal court. On Tuesday, a federal appellate court strikes down Illinois' ban on concealed carry.

Even though the General Assembly is majority Democrat a bill allowing for concealed carry had passed unfortunately it was vetoed by Governor Quinn. Quinn really believed that having concealed carry was more dangerous for this state. He's not alone btw, Chicago and Cook County are full of politicians who believe in gun control.

Here's a case in point in fact and I linked to this video earlier this week [VIDEO]

Over at The Sixth Ward yesterday, I had posted about a Chicago alderman's - Howard Brookins - response to this ruling. He ran against the woman in the above video four years ago and on that same program indicated that he didn't mind if responsible people owned handguns. His ward isn't a high crime ward, however, many Black alderman in the city do. It also might help that he is the chairman of the Chicago City Council's Black Caucus.

In any event I do wonder if there will be any action on conceal carry in this state in 180 days as was ruled in this judgement. It makes sense to me to allow individual counties or municipalities to have their own restrictions or at least to opt-in or out. The state itself has to decide whether they want to appeal or craft some reasonable concealed carry legislation.

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