Thursday, October 18, 2012

...With Both Hands: Lil JoJo Mourners and Gang-Banger Funerals at Mt. Hope Cemetery

Been a while since I've taken a peak at Pat Hickey's blog. He uploaded some pictures from a funeral on his part of the city of a rapper who had been murdered last month. Then he also talks about a decent young man who attended a local parochial high school who has also been murdered and by all accounts lead an honest life.

What I wanted to keep an eye on are the photographs Hickey has on his site. He doesn't avoid the racial arguments at all and I'm sure there are many because he's speaking up for law-abiding people - Black & white - and the communities on the southwest side of Chicago.

The people he doesn't like may well involve the young man above who is wearing that very vulgar t-shirt. It's something to shake your head at. If only I can understand most of that statement on his back. Whatever it's trying to say it's not positive at all.

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