Wednesday, October 17, 2012

CNet: What we don't know about the iPad mini...

Well at this point I know that there will be a smaller version of the iPad coming at some point in the near future it's been rumored for a long time. It would be a cool thing carry around and probably easier if you're carrying it in a bag.

With my iPad my fantasy was to bring it with me while out and about. This contraption might make that much easier. Still I find myself wondering what's the point of a smaller iPad? Could this thing instead be an early version of the iPad 4?

I'm fan of the form function of the iPad 2 and 3. I can put it away in a bag just as easily while out and about. Surely it would make for the perfect travel companion as well. If you have wifi you can surf the internet on it much easier than using the iPhone. Of course one doesn't need an iPod if you have a nice hard drive size iPad with you as well.

Anyway for a different reason I won't be falling all over the "iPad mini". It's just not worth it for me at this point. Especially if there is a larger iPad (that is the one I currently own) being sold along with the mini. There has to be a purpose to it.

When it is finally unveiled, I hope to learn more about it's purpose.

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