Saturday, October 20, 2012

Instavision: Is Atlas Shrugging? Job Creators Are Giving Up on the U.S. Economy

[VIDEO] Glenn Reynolds, the well-known blogmaster of Instapundit interviews Harmon Kaslow who produced Atlas Shrugged, Part 2. The film is based on the Ayn Rand book named aptly enough Atlas Shrugged.

The story itself is considered as much philosophical as it is political. Philosophical about what you may ask. Well the role of government in our economy. It's a story about how the government is entitled to whatever labor and/or products are produced by a private business.

BTW, excuse my ignorance about the book. I've actually never read it and I've only seen a few minutes of Parts 1 and 2 of the film version of Atlas Shrugged. Must say though in my travels on the "world wide web" I've ran into many references to this book. There were some who had the web handle Dagny Taggart who perused the late great Protest Warrior forums in the past. So this book certainly has a following.

Either way, the interview between Reynolds and Kaslow hits upon a main point. The book had been written in the 1950s by Rand and it's still relevant in the 2010s and there's one question to ask in relation to this movie and the book: "Are job creators going to give up on the U.S. economy?"

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