Saturday, October 20, 2012

Who am I voting for?

The last time I was asked that question I just stood around in silence. That person asked the question got on my nerves that it was my wish that he would just go on somewhere. He didn't really say anything that was of any great interest.

In any event the last presidential election required me to pull an absentee ballot. There was an item on the ballot that was of much greater interest to me than the Presidential race that year. 2008 was a tough election to choose a President and 2012 is the same.

It would be nice for me to say that this year wouldn't be so tough, but it's not possible. I've always said this during the course of the primaries and through the conventions. Surely I'm not the only one who believes this.

No doubt, President Obama had to follow in the heels of a presidency that has numerous crises primarily terorrism, war on two fronts and near the end the economy. A recession or even the collapse of the financial markets with the collapse of the housing market. Surely the things that Obama realized he had to deal with and the fact that there was no easy or quick solution gave him some frustrations.

Just like with President Bush after his narrow election in 2000, people were waiting in the wings to run against Obama in 2012. Surely, this intensified after the midterm elections of 2010 favored the Republicans in Congress.

So this is a tough election. It's acceptable to me that no President can ensure that the economy will rebound. So is Mitt Romney the answer? At the same time is the President the answer? If you ask me I'm not entirely convinced.

I'm quite a long way from answering whom I am voting for. Until election day my answer will be I'm still not sure yet? Of course there will be people along the way who are equally passionate about their candidates or their parties who will ask the question but my goal is to go beyond that. While I'm not displaying a lot of passion for either the President or his challenger, my intention is to go for who is best for this nation.

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