Friday, August 03, 2012

California: Going out of business?

[VIDEO] PJTV's Bill Whittle discusses - the video above runs 7 mins - the situation California is in currently. For innovation most Americans will look to California because it seems the trends will start there no matter where the trend lies. These days, they have to face a dire economic and fiscal climate. On FOX News Channel the Mayor of San Bernandino, California discussed why his situation was forced to declare bankruptcy. Then essentially said Gov. Jerry Brown had a solution to out of control pensions that seems held up in that state's legislature.

Whittle notes businesses seeking a brighter future are moving to other states such as Texas. Although California has been reportedly seen people move out of that state for years. Perhaps they move to Nevada or Arizona or just simply to Texas as noted in this video.

All the same, if California doesn't do well then that doesn't bode very well for the rest of the nation. Could any other state measure up to the "Sunshine State" who is often considered the 8th largest economy in the world?

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