Wednesday, August 01, 2012

An assault weapons ban in Illinois...

In noting an attempt by Gov. Quinn to use as amendatory veto powers to slip in an assault weapons ban in Illinois, Rich Miller yesterday accused him of pulling a media stunt. The underlying bill's purpose:
The governor used his amendatory veto authority to rewrite National Rifle Association-backed legislation that had passed overwhelmingly last spring to permit Illinois gun owners to buy ammunition from in-state manufacturers or retailers and have it shipped to their homes.
Miller explain why he considers this a media stunt:
The Senate bill in question is sponsored by Sen. Dave Luechtefeld, a southern Illinois Republican. As the sponsor, he controls the bill’s fate. And there’s no way Luechtefeld will ever move to accept that amendatory veto. Not gonna happen. Not even if Hell freezes over.

This amendatory veto is merely a way to get the governor’s name in the headlines yet again. Nothing more, nothing less.
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Today he writes a post asking for comments about whether or not this proposed AV would affect a friend of his who just so happens to own an assault weapon specifically an AR-15 (pictured to the right). Miller asks:
So, for those of you who support the concept of an assault weapons ban and a ban on big bullet clips (if not the actual way the governor has gone about it), I’d like you to explain to me why Rob, specifically, should be prohibited by law from buying another rifle or clip like the ones he already has.
My two cents: well it seems sometimes those who are in favor of gun control likes to overthink the people. If one law-abiding citizen has a gun that means a pyscho can get one too. Thus the pyschos will make it hard for everyone else. And ya know I understand that we need to protect pyschos from guns but the answer isn't necessarily keeping guns away from law abiding citizen.

This means either assault weapons or handguns. I suppose background checks before the purchase of a gun. As a matter of fact in Illinois we have a FOID card. Let's say before you get a FOID card you get a background check to see if  you've either had a mental evaluation or a felony record. Hopefully that will solve the problem of psychos getting guns. Then again if someone is determined to have a gun they will find a way to get one whether there's a law in place or not. Or whether they get a background check or not!

All the same if Miller's buddy wants to own an AR-15 and shoot it on his property using in-animate objects for target practice, that shouldn't be a problem. It should be a problem if he elects to use such a weapon to commit murder.

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