Friday, June 29, 2012

So Detroit is making a comeback?

The hottest cities of the future includes Detroit included in the ranks of Portland, OR; Seattle,WA; Nashville, TN; Burlington, VT; even Raleigh, NC. Here's what the Business Insider had to say:
After years of neglect and devastation--sinking so low that the state of Michigan threatened to take over the city--Detroit is poised for a comeback.

According to a recent YPulse survey, more and more millennials are opting to live in small cities, like Detroit.

These young idealists are moving back to Detroit, breathing new life into the downtrodden city with their small businesses, many of which are socially and environmentally responsible. The Urban Innovation Exchange showcases Detroit’s growing social innovation movement, promoting small businesses, like Recycle Here! and Food Lab Detroit. This type of optimism and innovation makes Detroit a city to watch.
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Hat-tip Curbed Chicago!

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