Thursday, February 16, 2012

Capitol Fax: Quinn says he will work to help “build a majority” for same sex marriage

A round-up stories on the new push for same sex marriage in Springfield from Rich Miller's blog. My general position is that I accept civil unions. At the same time I had the idea that civil unions wasn't much different from marriage.

Other states have civil unions and in Illinois civil unions are for everybody whether gay or straight. At the same time what's the difference between marriage and civil unions. It seems as if there is a faction that insists on allowing marriage between same sex couples. Apparently for them the issue isn't solved with civil unions.

When Gov. Quinn started his full term last year, he consider a number of bills passed by the General Assembly that were signed into law by him. One of them were civil unions, but then there was also the tax hike. Those bills were certainly controversial in some respects. One of the bills he rejected was for conceal carry, he just couldn't be persuaded to enact that into law.

I'm saying this to note that there have been proposals like that out there over the years, however, it took years to enact them into law. It took years to raise income taxes in Illinois and surely it took years to finally enact civil unions. It also took years to build support to even allow conceal carry to be passed out of the Illinois General Assembly.

It could still take years yet for gay marriage to be adopted in this state. How long will it in fact take? Only time will tell!

BTW, also posted at the Capitol Fax on Tuesday a gay rights group takes literally a satire -from our NBC affiliate - about marriage a little too literally by that same group. As you see they eventually saw it as satire and issued a retraction later.

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