Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm glad it's being said

I've always thought the RINO thing made little sense. So it's refreshing to see the Chicago GOP blog say what I've always thought:
It is cheap to bust on people within the GOP using terms like “RINO.”  I usually find it is used by people who have no intention of actually facing off against Democrats.   After all, it is oh-so-safe to pillage and rage solely within the GOP, and not the outside world – few real chances are taken, and there is no concrete possibility of recrimination.  People would style themselves as romantic revolutionaries within the GOP, but until the risk is taken of acting against Democrats it is a tempest in a teapot.  Many more are now facing down the Machine, and I encourage them strongly.  But is simply losing politics to reject those in the GOP who do not measure up to your  perfect level of conservatism, or disagree with you on one litmus test or another, when they agree with you on 80% or more of what you say.  If you feel that Republican leaders have not acted properly or actively enough, and then oppose them, it is fine and fair.  But the level of demonization going on in this Party is getting way out of hand.

The people of Illinois lose in our ideological infighting on the right, though the personal interests of a few wanna-be political chieftains might be served.  We have a responsibility to stop the madness in Springfield.  In the end, we have to come together, or all our efforts in 2012 will be, in Shakespeare’s phrase “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”  Then is it over the cliff for Illinois while the Democratic leadership retires to their fat pensions.   
Can the GOP afford to be pure in Chicago or even Illinois? I doubt it because in the last decade Republicans have been taking a beating. Find the best candidate where it's likely that person will be elected. Hopefully one that will put forward a Republican agenda whatever that is.

Besides here in this state, the Democrats do it. For the most part in state legislative seats the Democrats will pick those candidates to run in areas and hopefully have them campaign in a fashion where they will likely be elected. Yeah I've been reading the Capitol Fax blog.

Anyway, if you ran a Democrat in a more conservative area of this state could you even consider running as a progressive? Wouldn't be advisable no more than you ran as a conservative in a more liberal area and started talking about more social issues?

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