Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Is College a Waste?

[VIDEO] I wish I could embed this video , but FOX News for whatever reason has disallowed embedding from its YouTube channel. So click the link in the brackets so watch this segment from the late great Glenn Beck program that ended it's almost two and a half year run last month.

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The subject was about the value of college and this is something I have pondered as of late.

College was expected of many young Blacks whether it was my parents or younger generations. It was especially critical when say the parents were successful and they wanted better for their children and the key for that was going to college.

I would expect my children (when I have any) to go to college. My hope is that they would be prepared for that step and that I would be able to help guide them forward. When it was my time to go to college it was basically a roller coaster ride. Was not prepared at all?

My first finger would be pointed at my old high school. Although on the other hand many of us wasn't expected to go to college so therefore for most of us the idea hadn't been planted in our heads. It's OK to prepare a select few but let those who want to leave themselves out leave themselves out. The ones who don't want to even think college will not go!

My mother wasn't exactly expected to go to college. My grandmother never graduated from high school but for her generation she could probably afford to do so. While most of my aunts and uncles have college degrees or at least some college credits they weren't expected to go to college. My mother did finish her degree in her 40s after attending school part time during the early course of her working career. My dad on the other hand never finished high school.

I could continue to point fingers, but in expecting the young people to go to school they should have to consider what they're getting into. The disciplines they would be interested in studying and perhaps the potential job when they get their degrees. They should also consider the financing. Do they really want to go into student loan debt for something that is in the long run still somewhat valuable?

What is your answer?

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