Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Joe Walsh wants to organize the tea party to be active in state government

Tea parties and conservatives need to organize in many areas of our state and not just to run for the state legislature. There needs to be some on Chicago's city council or even the Cook County board. Unfortunately the three Republicans that I know about didn't win the recent municipal election. Especially those two who were in run offs earlier this month.

Not to confuse the tea party with the Republican Party, but when the new Chicago City Council is sworn in next month there WILL be no Republicans represented on that august body. NONE!

Freshman Republican 8th District US Rep. Joe Walsh, he defeated Mellissa Bean last year, is calling on Tea Partiers to focus on state politics. While just in time for 2012, it could've been done last year. I'm reading the comments at the CapFax post I just linked to and this one is right on the button:
Speaking of which, those commentators who kept mentioning redistricting hit the nail on the head. Last election was the moment when the Tea Party really needed to get a foothold somewhere in state politics. By losing every level of redistricting they have put a stranglehold on themselves.
I would also say they need a presence in the state's most populous city at the very least as well. Unfortunately I would image it would be very difficult to gain political victories in Chicago. But yeah now is the time to organize if it means that Illinois could use some new ideas.

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