Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On the train yesterday...

Pulled into 95th which was the only time I felt comfortable enough to take a picture on board the train. Before the train pulled into the station there were people who sat right at this position from when I got on the train downtown all the way to the final stop. Been wanting to ride on this train for a while.

These cars are to be the new trains the Chicago Transit Authority plans to order and offer more high tech amenities such as digital signage and displays, lighted maps, even sounds that alert you to closing train doors. In addition the seating arrangement will be similar to what you'll find in either New York or Boston. My last ride aboard these cars was heading to the north side on the Brown Line late last year. Before that several trips on board these cars as they started their testing on the Red Line.

Thing about the testing as it is now, there is no set schedule where I could know when these trains begin their runs. This trip and the trip on the Brown Line was totally by chance. Look forward to the day we will see these cars in service throughout the system.

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