Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ask Dr. Helen: Has the Rise of Women Turned Men Into Boys or Boys into Men?

[VIDEO] Dr. Helen, wife of Instapundit blogger Glenn Reynolds, interviews author Kay Hymowitz as they discuss the issue of "manchilds". That is the men who are more into pranking than being the kind of men women say they want. Also they talk about women outnumbering men on college campuses, why men don't get married as often these days, or why college men don't try on dates any longer. The duration is 23 minutes.

Another issue that does resonate with me is the diminished role of fathers. It's been said that in the Black community the fathers are absent.  I do think boys and young men need their fathers or at least a positive male role model. I can agree there is an identity crisis of sorts amongst young men. It could be between the extremes from the macho "hyper-masculine" male or perhaps the ones who assume a more feminine identity. I see those as the two extremes.

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