Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Field Negro: Some parents should be left behind.

From his blog. A parent takes responsibility for her child's action, but "field negro" takes umbrage at what this mother admits. She has anger issues that she admits reflects onto her children. All five of them are angry. "field negro" says:
Tabitha Allen doesn't need a kick in the butt because she was born into unfortunate circumstances. She needs a kick in the butt for bringing five children into her world. A world where hope is hard to come by.
Now she has to manage 5 children harshly as a good parent should, but it's an even tougher task only because there are 5 to deal with. Not just the 10 year-old who punched his teacher so hard that it not only knocked her glasses off, but gave her a black eye. MAN!

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