Saturday, January 29, 2011

No, this is the Sony bloggie camera I'd like to get...

Strike that post from last weekend. I had intended to write about my preference for opitical zoom and that other bloggie camera model had digital zoom instead. Digital zoom isn't good because that type merely crops digitally the area that is to be shot. And that can only result in further pixelation and the video image will not have clarity.

Thus I have settled on model: MHS-CM5/V. This has optical zoom up to 5X and 40 X digital zoom. By contrast my Sony MiniDV camcorder has 40X optical with a 2000 Digital zoom. Also like with the Sanyo Xacti I can also treat this camera as if it's a digital camera as well.

Well still this option isn't perfect. I want a camera that could be used somewhat inconspicuously and this camera may not foot this bill. One can't just look in a viewfinder to make a shot and one must flip open the viewscreen to make a shot. The bad thing is with the other tiny digital camcorders out there doesn't have the type of zoom I would really like.

You know it's possible for me to take on the following scenarios. To start buy this camcorder because I went to a Sony Style store in Skokie, IL this week to see if they sold this camera. As it happens it's only display and could be had for $150. Also this week my travels took me to a TigerDirect store on Elston and saw that this same camera costs $180. Wow more bang for my buck at Sony, interesting.

So let's say I did buy it? I would still want a Flip, Kodak Mini, or a Kodak Playsport that could be used for my purposes inconspicuosly. It would be worth it if either of those cameras could be had for a reasonable price.

Still got some thinking on this and some budgeting. Then again since I'm hardpressed to find this bloggie it might be time to make a purchase before this model won't be found in stores any longer.

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