Friday, January 28, 2011

AFRICAN VOICES: Football team owner determined to rebuild Congo

A profile of Moise Katumbi courtesy of CNN:
Since he was elected governor of Katanga province in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2007, Moise Katumbi has been intent on change.

From fixing roads to repairing factories and schools, Katumbi has been leading a rebuilding program that he hopes will transform the mineral-rich province.

Those efforts have helped Katumbi earn what seems to be genuine affection from the people. It isn't uncommon for him to be met by cheering crowds wherever he goes in Katanga.

His popularity is also boosted by his ownership of TP Mazembe, the remarkably successful football team that comes from the area and which made history last year when it became the first African team to reach the FIFA Club World Cup final.

"I can't live without my soccer team," says Katumbi. If he had to choose between the governorship and being chairman of the team, "I think I'll go to my team," he says.

A self-made businessman, Katumbi worked his way up from selling fish as a teenager from the back of his brother's truck to becoming one of the DRC's most successful entrepreneurs.
It's great to know that, there are leaders in Africa who are about making positive change. One day he could lead the nation or inspire someone to to what he has done for one province in the DRC.

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