Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day was movie night

On Christmas Eve I decided to reattach my "antiquated" DVD/VCR to my "antiquated" TV set. Through some trial and error I got the job done. Then the next task was to be sure that the DVD/VCR would be seen on channel 4 instead of channel 3.

Now that was just the craziest task as I needed to turn the TV to channel 3 in order to monitor what I had on the VCR. And I needed a remote and the remote that I had used for the TV no longer worked so had to go look for one that did.

Christmas Day was a fine time to want to do some shopping when most stores (if not all) were closed. I found another remote to be able to change the channel. Basically what was needed to change the channel from 3 to 4 was to play the tape then switch from channel 3 to 4. I succeeded and it was on to the double feature The American President and Star Trek.

On another blog I used to write I wrote a review of American President. It's still a favorite of mine although the political landscape of that movie is a lot different than it is today. A lot more polarized and blogs are a big thing today. Also it was mentioned somewhere about how gun control was the big issue in that movie and now we've had two SCOTUS rulings where it was ruled that an individual had the right to own a gun at home.

On second though I would wonder about how the attempt to cut down and fossil fuel emissions would fall today. I'm not sure there's an appetite for that. President Obama did talk a good game about creating fuel efficient vehicles, but I haven't seen a huge effort towards that.

The romance thing made this a real movie. Imagine a President as a man who's dating. He (she) would not only be in the political columns of the day but also the gossip columns. To be sure we haven't had a President marry in office since President Woodrow Wilson. Of course we do know of Presidents who weren't entirely faithful to their wives. Either way hey it's good for a night's entertainment.

Also there's Star Trek. I haven't finished the movie yet, it's very close to the end. That was how I wanted to end Christmas night too with a little sci-fi action adventure. Still very much look forward to the sequel.

I hope to do it again on New Years assuming that I don't have to work at all that evening. Last year I missed the countdown hopefully I won't this year!

I forgot to mention that I still have a VHS collection and I saw American President on VHS.

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