Saturday, June 26, 2010

Remember Cory Maye?

Over two years ago I posted a video from Reason about him. He was a convicted murdered who claimed that the police who performed a raid on his home didn't announce themselves as police officers. As a matter of fact the person he murdered was a police officer who was raiding his home.

When you get a chance you should watch the video as there was a gamut of issues discussed. It was an issue of Cory's race and the difference of opinion between white and black on this case was stark. In addition at issue in the drug war.

Well today I see that the Mississippi Supreme Court is going to take up Cory's appeal. Although according to this update by Reason, there isn't a lot of certainty to the outcome of this appeal. No one knows if he is going to be acquitted, remain in jail or even receive a new trial.

Via Instapundit!

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