Monday, June 28, 2010

Sen. Rober Byrd dies

I was watching C-Span Washington Journal this morning and saw a flag at half-staff. I wondered what that meant because I don't know of any deaths of any public official. We all know or at least should know what a flag at half-staff means.

Anyway, Sen. Byrd was the longest serving US Senator ever and it seems he is referred to as KKK Byrd because of his previous history as a member of that racist organization. In the last decade he was even caught using the n-word referring to white-n*ggers.

Either way this is news worthy of note. Condolences to the Byrd family and we see that the US Senate seat held by him will remain Democratic until his full term is up by 2013. I'm sure for many there is hope that this seat will not only go Republican (due to the current political environment) and we will see a Republican President by then as well.

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