Monday, May 10, 2010

Instalanche!!!! :o

Yeah remember what I said about Instapundit on Sunday? Well I had to wait a few hours for the excitment of my FEEDJIT Live Traffic feed. I checked my feed for an hour and saw the activity from Glenn Reynolds' link to my post about America falling behind the mobile calling curve.

An "instalanche" is a portmanteau of Instapundit and avalanche. It is a euphemism for an increase in traffic due to a popular site, such as Instapundit, linking to your website.

Thank you for your eyes on Sunday night and your comments. I hope you do stick around because you're always welcome.

The thrill of this only matches being noticed by Rich Miller, Illinois' top state political blogger back in 2006! Although I can only guess that receiving an Instalanche resulted in more page views than I got in 2006.

On that here are a couple of links of note on instalanches. Perhaps you're reading this blog and you want to see what happens when it happens to you. ;)
Oh for that second link. It's almost 7 years old, but prolly still relevant. I had no real strategy although to be sure I've linked to Instapundit many times over the years!

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