Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Not sure why this is news

It was on the news last night that Blagojevich (often known here as Ousted governor) was finally fired from Celebrity Apprentice.

Obviously Blago has been in the news semi-frenquently since he was booted from office. A lot of people in the press is likening his firing from that show akin to his removal from office early in 2009. But his removal from office wasn't as spectacular as his firing from Donald Trump's reality show.

A lot of us saw what he couldn't do. At that we might compare that to what he couldn't do as Governor of Illinois. He couldn't type or use a computer and he couldn't even use text messaging. The first episode instead of serving people hot foods he couldn't even get out of the mode of professing his innocence. It appears his only purpose on this show is entertainment value. Perhaps we wanted to see how he'd screw up this week.

Well we won't see anymore. LOL!

Rich Miller had a round-up of quotes this morning with regards to Blago's tenure on Apprentice. If you read some of the links perhaps his bizarre performance on the show expresses his strategy to taint a jury pool to his favor. It was said in one article that he never scapegoated either Bill Goldberg or Michael Johnson because Blacks and Jews may be on his jury back in federal court here in Chicago.

You do know he is to face trial for his activities as Governor, right?

I just got to say however in relation to the title of this post, I'm not entirely sure why this is news. Blago is merely extending his 15 minutes of fame. It's been like this since he was removed as Governor. He eats it up, but only to maintain publicity and to continue to profess how innocent he is.

I already knew that I wasn't going to watch the apprentice, only because I knew that he was going to be on it. Why would I want to watch a train wreck of a man continue with his train wreck until his eventual trial. While it's not a foregone conclusion for certain, it's easy to predict that when his trial concludes Blago may well find himself in jail.

If going on the Apprentice means that he'll influence potential jurors I almost wonder if he'll only influence them to vote him guilty. At the same time I'm sure there are many who see the entertainment value and like him because he gave a politician's answer to a simple question or feel asleep on the plane after his team went down in flames.

Either way it didn't interest me to watch this. But if you did watch, it's no problem if you leave your comments here.

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