Thursday, April 08, 2010

Cubs Tickets Most Expensive in MLB

I don't know if I should forget taking that trip up to Wrigleyville or not. I think I need to do some more research on how much tickets cost up there.
Numbers released Wednesday by Team Market Report show the Cubs beat out the Boston Red Sox for the priciest ticket in baseball, at $52.56. That's nearly twice the average Major League Baseball ticket price of $26.74.

The report shows Cubs ticket prices have jumped more than 10 percent since last season, the second highest increase in the league.

It says a day a Wrigley for a family of four this season will cost about $330. That includes food and concessions.

White Sox tickets, meanwhile, cost about $39 a piece. A family outing runs about $250, according to the report.
Right now $52.56 would hurt my pocketbook. I'd rather hope that this isn't the price of the cheapest seats. Man! :'(


marry said...
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Stephen said...

White Sox are a better team and the tickets are very affordable.

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