Thursday, March 11, 2010

Victoria Jackson Sings About That Commie Living in the White House

Via The Bench!

To be honest, I'm not really a fan of celebrities engaging in political discourse. At times I'm a little insulted by someone like Sean Penn or Dennis Miller trying to pass themselves off as either a conservative or a progressive. The reason being that it's more of an attention getter or that they believe in their position out of ignorance.

Then again who am I to judge. People know Victoria Jackson from her work on SNL in the 1980s. She may not be that famous anymore other than for the tea party folks who she may have spoken and performed for since this movement gained steam not long after Obama became President.

Well anyway, when it comes to entertainers or any type of artists it seems political discourse is part of the game. Points have to be illustrated or even packaged in a way that's relatable. Obama has political art that was impressive enough that it's still an enduring image of his 2008 campaign.

Who knows if Victoria Jackson's little song and video will be an enduring symbol of Obama's presidency. What it does confirm is those feelings plenty of conservatives believe about Obama. Variously he's been referred to as a communist or a socialist.

Although I recall that Obama made some statements or at least policy positions that I've considered socialist. Obama wanted to tax the rich or at least those in the upper income brackets and cut taxes for the middle to lower income brackets. It reeks of class warfare and is often an old solution.

I say old solution because surely many of us have heard this. People want to tax the rich because many believe they're not paying their fair share of taxes (whatever that means). It's just another way of saying let's blame the wealthy for all the problems off the poor. It's an unfortunate scapegoat I think.

Either way it's great to see Victoria Jackson still kicking. Even if it involves some form of political activism.

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