Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I encountered something yesterday

When I got off the train at 95th yesterday I saw a collection of police cars or other official vehicles stopped on the Dan Ryan Expressway. I decided to be nosy and an older gentleman informed me that a woman jumped from the terminal and onto the expressway and was hit by a vehicle (I heard truck from many of the people who were talking about what happened). He even directed me towards the body which was covered up by an olive green cover. I could see the bright red blood streaming from it.

I have never seen anything like this in my life and at least my train arrived late enough where no one saw the incident as it happened. I can only imagine my own personal reaction upon seeing someone in such a situation. Whether this was a mere fluke accident or a suicide.

You know that reminds me. When I attended community college my Humanities professor discussed a poem and this poem reminded him of a suicide that he witnessed once. If only I knew where that poem was today.

That immediately came to mind with this incident yesterday. One can only imagine what causes a person to want to take their own life. Hopefully if you know anyone who may have something going on in their lives, you will talk to them and be friends with them. You might be saving them from doing something as terrible as what happened at 95th, yesterday!

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