Monday, March 15, 2010

Chicago pastor pushes to make selling 'blunt wraps' illegal

Not sure what to say about this!
Bishop Larry Trotter spoke about it during services Sunday morning at Sweet Holy Spirit Church. He held up blunt wraps that he said he purchased at a store near the church.

Trotter said young people can use the wraps to conceal illegal drugs, like marijuana.

"We need to stop people from bringing things and making them available to our children and making them drug addicts," Trotter said.
Bishop Trotter is circulating a petition, and he asked his congregation to contact lawmakers and urge them to support the ban.

He is launching a 50-church campaign to gather support for the ban and says he already has the backing of several mayors and law enforcement officials.
To be honest, sometimes I have a problem with the need to ban minor items such as this. Not too long ago it was little plastic baggies that could be used to transport narcotics. Today it's these blunt wraps.

Now I could turn this into a need to legalize drugs. The thing is I'm not totally in favor of that. Yeah we may reduce the crime problem and perhaps a Walgreen's or CVS could swell weed or anything like that. But is that really an answer to something that may well become a public health issue.

Well that what this blog is here for. You can discuss this story and/or whether or not we need to legalize or decriminalize narcotics.

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