Tuesday, September 15, 2009

VIDEO: Brutal school bus beating!

EDIT: Read the write up at BND.com!

This fight was purported to be racially motivated, however, did anyone notice that there were some cool headed students who attempted to break up the fight. I know I did, but that gets lost amongst the cheers of those students who were excited about the fight on the bus.

Rich Miller noticed it at least:
Dear Belleville police spokesman Don Sax,

Announcing to the media that a fight between teenagers on a school bus was “racially motivated” after simply reviewing a videotape was obviously a stupid thing to do. Didn’t you notice that it was black kids who broke it up? Drudge, thankfully, took down the gigantic, blaring headline after you corrected yourself.
Let me just say the excitement of those students, not much different than my time in high school. There were some students who were excited about and flocked to the fight. Perhaps that was better than being at school I suppose!

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Anonymous said...

This incident was 100% racially motivated. The white teen was being told to "sit down, sit down, sit down" by the impatient bus driver and made the mistake of sitting in the black section of the bus since that was the only seat available. For this, he was beaten.

White fathers need to teach their sons how to defend themselves or else they will be bullied by the black students their entire school careers. Truth.

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