Saturday, August 29, 2009

At the library on Friday

I was at the library on Friday and saw this display over the atrium on the lobby looking down into the basement. The display was several Styrofoam cups attached to cotton strings. I got the idea that this display was interactive for children to play with toy telephones.

I remember this was done when I was in elementary school. It was sort of a science experiment to explain the basic science of telephones. Of course this was before the cell phone took over these days. Back then most of the country had to depend on landbase phones.

Anyway I never understood the experiment. It tells me that either I just wasn't paying attention or that interested in that experiment or that assignment. It may also tell me that my teachers weren't that effective in explaining the science of attaching stings to styrofoam cups and being able to communicate thru them.

Because of this display I'm now asking the question again. Although at least today I have Google that may help me understand. LOL

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