Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Kennedys

Yesterday was probably the first time I actually paid attention to the remembrances of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. He died Wednesday morning at 77 of a brain tumor.

Yesterday was his funeral and burial. He was to be buried with his brothers Bobby and JFK at Arlington National Cemetery. The funeral service in Boston was quite nice with his two sons talking about their dad in the best of terms even his namesake son who not only sounds like him but looks like him got very emotional. Teddy's other son, Patrick, resembles JFK in some respects, but needs to get in shape more lol.

In any case I see how big this family is. Joe Kennedy, Sr. the man who basically started this family had 9 children, but Bobby (we may know him as RFK or Robert) had 11 children. And whether they have the Kennedy name or not there is more where that comes from. Even better on the way to the church it appears they arrived on chartered buses.

If this was a large black family with the prestige of the Kennedys and this was Chicago, I would bet money that we'd be talking about Omega Charters. ;)

Anyway for many the ceremonies for Ted Kennedy has only helped to solidify support for the Kennedy family. You may disagree with their politics, but you may well admire the close knit aspect of this huge family. If nothing else that should be celebrated.

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