Friday, August 28, 2009

Time Magazine Camps Out in Detroit

Today we are going back to Detroit. Well I'm not physically going back there, but Time magazine bought a home there and wants to start their own news bureau:
The buzz along the fancy part of Parker Avenue this summer was about the buyer of the handsome stucco house that had been vacant for more than two years.

Word on the street was the buyer was a literate and powerful New Yorker with global connections and staggering wealth. Sure enough, the buyer's current address, according to real estate records, turned out to be 1271 Avenue of the Americas, a Manhattan skyscraper.

Parker Avenue, meet your new neighbor: Time Inc., the legendary media colossus.

In a highly unusual decision for a news organization, Time has purchased a 95-year-old house in Detroit's historic West Village neighborhood, next to Indian Village. The home will serve as a base of operations for months -- and perhaps a couple of years -- as Time's various publications cast a unique spotlight on Detroit and chronicle its increasingly desperate struggle to reinvent itself.
I shall look forward to following what Time reports on Detroit, Michigan. I hope that what they present is nothing more than good news about that fair city. Even if it is struggling right now with political leadership or even it's own stalled economy.

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