Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ousted Governor still butt of jokes

It's not just him but our embattled US Senator Roland Burris. I had no idea Illinois' politicians have so much fun in Springfield and would be so willing to open up digs against their fellow politicians. Of course the main focus was on our former governor and our embattled junior US Senator.

State Journal Register:
Illinois politicians took aim at some easy comedic targets Wednesday night: themselves.

Capitol Capers, the once-in-two-years musical comedy put on by the Conference of Women Legislators, poked fun at former Gov. Rod Blagojevich and U.S. Sen. Roland Burris, among others.

More than 500 people gathered at the Springfield Hilton to see lawmakers, both past and present, sing political song parodies and make jokes at the expense of other politicians.

The audience included Gov. Pat Quinn, Comptroller Dan Hynes, Senate President John Cullterton and Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno.

But the real star of the night was Gov. Rod Blagojevich, around whom most of the skits revolved. Whether it was Rep. Dave Winters running onto stage in a jogging suit and fake pompadour or Rep. Art Turner posing as Sen. Roland Burris, Blagojevich took a beating.

“If not for that Senate seat, I’d be governor today, I should have listened to my wife, and listed it on eBay,” sang Winters, a Shirland Republican, as a backup chorus fluffed his wig.

Rep. Jim Sacia, a former auctioneer, called bids for the vacant U.S. Senate seat that Blagojevich allegedly tried to sell after the election of President Barack Obama.

“I was talking to the governor (Blagojevich), and I said I could sell a $500 horse for $5,000,” said Sacia, a Pecatonica Republican. “So the governor says to me, ‘You think you could sell a Senate seat?’

“I said, ‘Governor, that’d be bleeping golden,’” Sacia said.

The seat ultimately was “sold” for $1 million to Rep. Susana Mendoza, D-Chicago.
There's even a link to the lyrics of parodies. My favorite has got to involve Roland Burris and his often referred to campaign refrain "Roland, Roland, Roland". It's based upon the lyrics of Rawhide an old TV series that once starred Clint Eastwood. I think I know where I need to post those lyrics

While it's certainly great to know Illinois legislators are having fun at each other's expense, they still have some serious issues to face. The most critical of them is hammering out a budget and getting the state back on good fiscal health.

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