Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My governor was under arrest!!!

Today is a day for my memory. It may not reach the heights of a 9/11 or Obama's ascention to the Presidency, but man I never thought this day would come. I never thought the feds would ever outright arrest a sitting governor without even as much as an indictment.

I never thought in my lifetime that extremely criminal conduct would be exposed for the world to see. This man was nasty and wanted to continue to game the system for his own personal benefit. We've seen that in how he's conducted himself as a Governor. He didn't mind closing state parks and historical sites, he didn't mind cutting  a mandate that he created, he didn't mind vetoing an entire state budget that probably could have been used to garner more support for him in the future, and this is something that gets me he was willing to turn his back on the man who helped get him to the governorship in the first place.

Today, what really got my attention was his attempt to put the President-elect's old US Senate seat that he just resigned last month up for sale. He wanted to game this attention he's been getting to get something for himself. I saw a transcript of this on WBBM-TV, he outright told a member of Obama's team "[Expletive] them!" because they wouldn't offer him anything for an appointment of an Obama replacement. Especially if Obama had a preference for who might succeed him.

Oh let me just say that I would like to thank Senator Barack Obama, because he ascention to the Presidency of the United States might have paved the way for this action that we have seen today! If Obama had lost the election this year, Blagojevich wouldn't have had a Senate seat to game for his own personal benefit. Surely no one could have imagined that this day would come the way it had today.

Also I saw some of the coverage online from WBBM. I saw for the first time how fired up Mike Flannery was. Flannery, I just learned today was a Beverly liberal, is a political reporter at WBBM-TV. He's never seen the activity in his years of political reporting that he's seen with Rod Blagojevich. NEVER!!! That just has to say something!

Another website the Beachwood Reporter quoted Flannery as saying that the Governor has got to be the stupidest politicians he had ever met. Well this day might have cemented that, but it's just plain believeable also that Blagojevich's head just plain grew too big for his britches. I'm sure someone out there believes that this man should never have been governor in the first place and let's not only talk about the crimes for which he and his chief of staff was arrested by federal authorities. Perhaps we should also talk about his record as governor and let's face it ladies and gentlement in the Bloggosphere, it's a very dismal record. Even George Ryan has a stronger record as governor than Rod Blagojevich.

I also saw coverage on this from WGN today as well. One guy said that while he voted for Barack Obama for President, he would honestly vote GOP for governor. Yeah people are fed up with corruption in the state of Illinois, but you know I wonder if they were more fed up with the man himself. Were the people fed up with Rod Blagojevich and would it matter if he did everything he could to enrich himself as Governor. I was certainly fed up by the activity out of the governor's office notwithstanding his apparent corruption.

You know I've been all over this governor since probably before the 2006 gubernatorial elections. I had hoped at that point in time that his GOP opponent then state treasurer Judy Baar Topinka would defeat the man only to discover that the election was quickly called for Blagojevich. How did this man get re-elected just over two years ago? The odds was against but some how he eked out just enough votes to bring about "overtime in hell" in Springfield back in summer 2007.

 Now it seems things have finally come back full circle. The games Blagojevich has played in the Governor's office with public policy and his own personal enrichment has finally come to a close. Unfortunately I wonder who else might go down around him. This scandal might even touch his wife who just so happened to be the daugther of the man who he had turned against who helped him get to this point. Well the point unfortunately where he's likely to find himself in jail.

I hope that this might be the start of a purge. Perhaps politics won't ever be for those people who only want to enrich themselves again. Well it's a bit idealistic, but one can only hope!

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catchingupat20 said...

Consider the history of machine politics in older states and big cities, this is not a big revelation. I'm surprised at the attention that Jesse Jackson Jr. seems to be getting, and amused at the sight of him trying to play himself into the Senate seat, STILL. Did you hear his public statement in DC on Wednesday?

catchingupat20 said...

Considering the history of machine politics and corrupt leadership, this is no surprise. Go to any state and do a little digging through the bureaucracy, and you will find the rates scurrying to their respective hovels. It's a brown spot on Democrats to be sure. What I'm most interested in is the lesser, but considerable about of press Jesse Jr. has received. And did you see his public statement on the situation on Wednesday? It's amusing to see him act as if he has a chance of getting the Senate seat, STILL. (Yes I know he has not been implicated, but at the same time, Obama was not keeping the seat warm for HIM, either.

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