Sunday, September 07, 2008

Harold's Chicken Shack Commercial

I have a more serious post I'm working on. Since I'm at the moment back in school this has caused me to have a hankerin for some of this great fried chicken.

I had some when I was home on Labor Day. However, it wasn't what I was used to lately and on top of that I went to a different location. I like to have ketchup directly on the food, but on that day I got it on the side.

It's all good though, that was the way I used to eat it with ketchup on the side. These days I got used to eating that food with ketchup on it. I see that they'll advertise their food with some form of sauce on it and that works for me! It's just too bad that, i'm not even anywhere near Bloomington nor Champaign, Illinois.

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