Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Watched Raw last night as per usual...

Get a load of the last paragraph of this recap from 1wrestling.com...
JBL then rushed Cena and bashed him in the back of the head. JBL placed Cena against the side of a car. JBL then ran to a second car and drove it into the car that Cena was propped up against. It made it look like Cena was crushed between the two cars. JBL stared around, trying to figure out what he had just done. Fade to black
Almost reminds me of the angle where Vince McMahon was blown up in his limo last year. When the announcers stopped announcing and nothing but silence, especially the sounds of air conditioners or machines outside of the area something horrid was going to happen.

It did as you just saw in that brief excerpt. I just have to as WWE, why? I think drama is good, but I sometimes wish that in order to advance an angle WWE writers didn't have to resort to homicide. I can get that anywhere I don't need to know that a wrestler who literally drive a car into another wrestler who has the misfortune of being unconscious sitting on the pavement with his head propped up on a car door.

Don't get me wrong there have been angles where wrestlers were literally run over by a vehicle or thrown off of a bridge. I remember many years ago a video with Sting and the British Bulldog had them dodging a bomb and they jump out of the water triumphant. I just thought that was goofy, but they were in WCW and they seemed to do such stuff. Another time in WCW Macho Man Randy Savage was literally crushed in a limo by a Hummer, but at least that was more palatable than what JBL did to Cena.

Then again I'm glad JBL realized that he might have went too far. It was portrayed very well and I would imagine if someone realized they went too far they'd be like what just happened. It's just unfortunate that the creative team seemed to have gone too far with this one. I don't think I want to see a wrestler almost kill another wrestler (even if it was fake).

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