Sunday, July 06, 2008

Not disappointed

I went back to Lem's Saturday afternoon and got what I wanted to get in the first place. Although a day late, I finally got my fourth of July rips, an order of a small end & small rip tips.

BTW, what made me think that small ends were just a different version of rib tips? Don't get me wrong I've had small ends before but it didn't occur to me that a small end was just another slab of ribs!

Since I've had my ribs for the year I think I'll cool it off of Lem's for a while. Go back to cooking steaks although my goal at some point is to cook some ribs of my own. Just start off with some spare ribs eventually work my way up to cooking some rip tips.

Also perhaps making some BBQ sauce like you would see in this video from the BBQ Pit Boys!

Awesome and YUM!!! Do it yourself BBQ is probably not only cheap but hopefully awesome if you make it to your liking.

An update of sorts to this previous post
A little disappointed

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