Saturday, March 08, 2008

WOW what an introduction...

This just goes to show you what goes on in this world. This story comes out of Memphis. On Electronic Village they talk about a "massacre" murders in a home in Memphis. A brother killed his brother and then proceeded to kill everyone else there with a few survivors of course.

There is a pic you see on that post, a post mortem picture of a young lady. I won't show that here. Express your disgust, if you have any to this guy. Hence the title of this thread to mention this blog. There are more pictures of this young lady here.

Some of you will be offended. I was horrified not by the fact that these pics were posted but what happened to her and the other eight people who were killed apparently at the hands of an ex-con brother. I'll let you read what happened to the rest of those people, but this young lady was shot in her kneecaps and was suffocated. The look on her face should tell the story of her mental state at the time.

I can always ask the question, what's going on in Memphis, TN? I really wish there were pics of this young lady alive instead of in a morgue. I'd rather she'd still be alive as a matter of fact. I mean wow!

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