Friday, March 07, 2008

Here come the Republicans!

Clout City on a newly elected Republican committeeman who has bold plans in the Daleyland known as the 11th Ward which mostly encompasses the Bridgeport neighborhood. I found this portion to be telling...
The 11th Ward is one of the biggest political paradoxes in the country—it’s obviously Democratic, but people there are conservative. They are against affirmative action. They are by and large Catholics against abortion. They are for putting in the pornographic filters in the libraries.

What people outside the ward don’t understand is this: the Daleys are not liked in the 11th Ward. They may be feared, but they’re not liked. People there are still Democratic because they’re intimidated by the Daley mafia. They’re afraid if they revolt they won’t get their garbage picked up. But I think this is the beginning of a political conversion. The Daley name is getting really old and haggard. People here are becoming more bold, more outspoken. I’ve only been in office ten days, and I have six or seven precinct captains, and one of them was a longtime precinct captain for John Daley. I plan on filling all 50 precincts with captains.
All I can say is that he certainly has an uphill battle. I can agree there certainly needs to be more political competition in Cook County and I hope that there will be. Segvich might want to work on the local Republican party countywide and citywide. Of course he has his plate full in the 11th ward provided that people will not only listen but will vote Republican.

He boldy predicts that Daley won't be mayor beyond March 2011 because he'll either lose an election or will find himself indicted. I don't know about that. You can read up more about Carl Segvich at his website.

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